november-smile: "you should do more gif of Season 9! :)xx"

I want to gif but it’s hard right now as I’m moving house soon and so all my DVD’s are packed and I have no idea which box they’re in! D:

Anonymous: "could you please make a gif of brathan making out not a gifset because i find those gifs too large thanks!"

Um, well. I did making out gifs before in a photoset here:

imageimage If you give me a certain size you’d like, I can shrink them down for you! :)

Anonymous: "what's the name of the song that Brooke dance till and Julian fall in love with her?"

Don’t You Forget About Me - Simple Minds

Guess who’s back? Me. Woo! To celebrate, I thought I’d do a few ship photosets and try and get my followers involved! Just answer this with your favourite OTH ship(s) and I will pick 5 of the most popular and begin photosets! They can be ships that were together or weren’t, maybe they were only platonic but you wished were more or they had a fling—maybe a gay pairing you secretly shipped…. (I’m talking ‘bout you, Brachel!) Even if they have only had a few scenes, I’m willing to create manips. Whatever you want! Just answer this with the ship or ships and I’ll pick the most popular and do a gif photoset with that couple. Go, go, go. Ships?


i just wanted to be a regular fan i didn’t choose this

Anonymous: "can you do one of brooke through the seasons? she's definitely grown the most as a person and she's my favorite!"

Yep! Everything else might be late though because I’m doing a really big Naley one which’ll take timeee